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Amanda Adebisi (naturally conceive)

Hi there! It’s great that you have found me and my website.

My name is Amanda Adebisi and I am a FertilityCare Practitioner based in Lincolnshire, England.

I unfortunately know first hand what it feels like to face disappointment month after month for more than 7 years trying to conceive a baby.infertility (2)

My husband and I tried many methods during our first 4 years of marriage and had tests in 2014 which revealed no way forward. Like so many others we were in a seemingly hopeless and lonely category known as ‘unexplained infertility’ where the only option given to us was a form of IVF known as icsi.

This unsuccessful attempt in 2015 was painful and heart breaking. We were left with no answers and their solution was to produce more eggs next time and therefore have more embryos to choose from. We felt like just another statistic and I felt like an egg making machine. We didn’t wish for embryos to be destroyed or have them left in frozen storage. There had to be more options than this!

Then a few months later through a good friend we discovered another way that gave us hope and for us it felt right spiritually and ethically. We were taught the Creighton Model FertilityCare System by a very experienced and supportive FertilityCare Practitioner in London.

Amazingly after only 9 months of charting we naturally conceived identical twin girls! We were elated. We had conceived for the first time in 5 years! Our NaProTechnology Consultant made sure I maintained the correct progesterone levels throughout my pregnancy as they were low.

IMG_1396Devastatingly our daughters Chloe and Grace were stillborn at 24 weeks in September 2016 after dying from cord entanglement due to them being rare mono mono twins. Yet they were our miracles. I know that we would not have had the amazing privilege of carrying two beautiful baby daughters if we hadn’t made that decision to book that first introductory session and learn the system.

Though we grieve our loss we wholeheartedly believe in the Crighton Model System and NaProTechnology from our own experience as well as learning of others’ countless testimonials. I have so much hope for our future and I am taking this passion forward in my work as a FertilityCare Practitioner.

I am sure you will be pleased to know that my husband and I are now trying again to conceive with the help of our NaProTechnology Consultant. We have discovered what the issues are and have a treatment plan. This has included having severe endometriosis removed by excision in 2019 (which was a surprising shock as I had very few symptoms).

It really concerns me when I see how some couples are led (as we were) down a path to IVF or at a dead end with no answers and don’t realise that there is an alternative. naturally conceive (22)

For many the Creighton Model FertilityCare System and NaProTechnology have been their light in the darkness and the natural restorative path that brings back their hope. I have made it my mission to spread the word and teach others and support them on their journey.

I am sensitive and compassionate in my teaching approach and really enjoy passing on my knowledge and wisdom with enthusiasm. I have clear communication and teaching skills as well as a lot of patience and ability to give positive and constructive feedback, support and encouragement. I have a keen interest in biology and particularly find the reproductive system, hormone cycles and complexities of how our bodies work fascinating.

natural conception (4)I love everything about the material that I teach.

I particularly appreciate the inclusiveness of the man and the emphasis on relationship.

Knowing that I can help couples to use the charting for themselves and have a real chance to conceive either with charting alone or with some NaProTechnology help is amazing. Supporting a couple as they finally find out the cause of their infertility and having the unexplained explained gives me a real sense of achievement.