How I can help you

I teach the Creighton Model FertilityCare System; a standardised, internationally recognised, scientifically proven, effective and ethical method of family planning.

I wholeheartedly believe and know the system works from my own experience of conceiving after many years of infertility as well as hearing countless testimonials from others.

I will teach you how to observe, chart and understand your fertility. I will enable you to know what is normal or abnormal in your cycle and identify bio markers that may show the need for further tests, investigation or treatment. If this is the case I can refer you to your nearest NaProTechnology Consultant who can diagnose what the issue may be. The Consultant will treat you in such a way that works naturally with your cycle rather than overriding it (as some artificial reproductive technologies do) with the aim to restore your cycle to how it should be.

Selecting the most fertile days alone has a high success rate of helping you to conceive (98% effective within 6 cycles of normal fertility). Couples struggling with infertility can expect a success rate of between 20% and 40% within the first year with no NaProTechnology help. With NaProTechnology help this can be up to 80% depending on a number of factors such as age and diagnosis (note that the best UK IVF success rate is for the under 35 age range at under 30%).

The system is not just about trying to achieve pregnancy; in teaching the method, couples who would like to avoid pregnancy rather than opting for contraceptives (which can be so harmful to our bodies) later on in their life they can do so very successfully.  I also teach women, whether single or married, to use the system to monitor their reproductive and gynecological health.

I make no promises that you will conceive but many couples worldwide using the system do. My vision for you is that you get a proper diagnosis and have opportunities and hope beyond the limiting options offered by mainstream medicine and health services. During the Learning Programme and beyond I will walk with you and support you on your fertility journey.

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