The Learning Programme

Introductory Session Presentation (1.5hrs)

This powerpoint presentation over Skype provides you with an overview of what the Creighton Model FertilityCare System is and what is involved in the learning programme.

It will give you a good level of understanding about anatomy and physiology, what the system is, what it can do for you, and gives plenty of opportunity for you to ask any questions.

Intro feedback

You will know enough of the basics to get started with observations and charting as soon as you receive your learning materials by post after the session but the true learning and coaching will be during the learning sessions known as ‘Follow ups’.


Follow ups (1-1.5hrs each)


During follow ups you will learn the Creighton Model FertilityCare System and with my teaching and coaching alongside the learning materials you will soon become confident in making routine observations and charting your most fertile signs.

You will learn how to know when you are fertile or infertile on any day in your menstrual cycle and know what is normal or abnormal for your health.

Testimonials (1)I meet you just where you are at on your fertility journey, and I customise these sessions for your age, reproductive category, length of cycle and other specific needs.

There is a strong focus during each follow up on your marital relationship, your health and mental wellbeing as these are so very important when trying to conceive.

Make sure you make the most of the early booking offer below (buy your first 5 follow ups and get your 5th for free!),

How long is the learning programme?

This depends on your situation but here is the usual schedule:Learning programme timeline

The first follow up is scheduled 2 weeks after the introductory session. 

The initial 4 follow ups are spaced every two weeks to enable you to learn all that you need to know as soon as possible and with just the right amount of charting days in between so I can check in with you on how you are progressing, correct your chart where necessary as part of your learning and assist in identifying any biomarkers/patterns in your charts which may reveal possible fertility,  gynecological or hormone issues.

Note that the system can also be used to successfully avoid pregnancy. So if biomarkers show there is a risk of miscarriage you will also be taught how to temporarily avoid a pregnancy until the issues have been resolved.

Follow ups beyond the first 4 are spread out further apart as you become more confident and competent in using the system and need less coaching along the way. 

Usually you will have learnt the majority of what you need in the first 5 sessions.

Depending on your situation you may need more follow ups in between if your cycles need further management (eg if you have PCOS, continuous mucus, etc) 

I encourage all clients to see me for the full year as well as for long term follow ups beyond this (once every 6 to 12 months) for ongoing support and frequent reviews of how they are getting on. When pregnancy happens it is very important to carry out an evaluation and ensure you are getting all you need to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Where and when does the learning take place?Testimonials (4)

I’ll teach you on Skype if you live long distance.  If however you are in the Grantham area I can meet you in person either at your home or at my home whichever is more convenient.

I schedule follow ups for weekday evenings usually (as most clients work during the day time) but weekday day time and weekend appointments are available too.

How much does it cost to learn?

See the offer below for a discount!

Please note that NaProTechnology costs are additional. If you are referred to a Consultant they will inform you of appointment and treatment costs. 

Follow up session bookings cancelled within less than 24hrs of the appointment time may still be charged. 

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When you pay for your first 5 Follow Up Sessions in advance (typically purchased at the intro session) your 5th follow up will be free. This will save you £45 (you pay a total of £180 instead of £225). Please note that this deal is non refundable.

NaProTechnology Referrals endometriosis (4)

A referral to a NaProTechnology Consultant for diagnosis and treatment requires around 3 cycles of good charting so they can accurately see what is happening in your cycle and investigate accordingly. I will work to support you alongside the Consultant to review your chart before each NaPro appointment and advise when best to have blood tests or take any medication. Usually we see improvements on your chart after treatment. 


Learning and practicing this unique system takes commitment but it is a wonderful investment in you and your future. As your teacher I am fully committed to walking with you on your journey, teaching you effectively, enthusiastically and supporting you with sensitivity and empathy. The system empowers you and enables you to take back control of your fertility, to understand it better and find solutions that restore your fertility naturally. In the long term women can continue to monitor their gynecological and reproductive health at whatever stage of life.