Learning How To Sail

Oh how there have been many storms in my life so far, infertility and baby loss can certainly throw violent storms in life's pathway. ⁠⁠With life does come so many uncertainties and so there are bound to be some storms ahead and yet one thing I do know is that through these storms I am … Continue reading Learning How To Sail

One Line or Two

It is so easy to allow the lines you see on your pregnancy test to affect how you feel about yourself. ⁠⁠Struggling to conceive and awaiting those two lines can really take its toll, physically and emotionally but don't let those lines lie to you and make you feel anything less than who you really … Continue reading One Line or Two

Can You Predict Ovulation?

Release of an egg (aka ovulation) 🥚 ➡️ is closely tied to changes in cervical fluid. This means that you can predict ovulation with up to 95% confidence by keeping track of your cervical fluid.⁠⁠See here to learn more about how charting your fertile signs could help you. ⁠

Delicious Date Night Dessert!

A delicious and date night worthy sugar stabilizing dessert (that doesn’t need baking): Dark Chocolate-Dipped Fruit Skewers.⁠⁠You’ll need:⁠ 6 ounces dark chocolate (at least 85% cocoa)⁠Assorted fruit, ie: apples, cherries, pineapple (why let strawberries have all the fun!)⁠A pack of skewers or toothpicks (no messy fingers, yay!)⁠Wax paper⁠ 1) Put a small pot of water … Continue reading Delicious Date Night Dessert!