Stress: You Can Choose Your Response

How do you respond to stress? Do you tend to respond badly? ⁠⁠The good news is you CAN turn this around! ⁠⁠You always have a choice. Similar to how Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”, your emotions can not stress you out unless you open the door and … Continue reading Stress: You Can Choose Your Response

The Cervix: Why it is SO Important

The cervix is the opening to the uterus. A canal, just like the vagina. Most of us are only aware of our cervix when we come to have that dreaded pap smear test. ⁠⁠But did you know that the cervix contains specialized cells that respond to the rise and fall of the hormone estrogen by … Continue reading The Cervix: Why it is SO Important

Self Love

An Unexpected Benefit of Cycle Charting is that it puts you on the path to greater self-love through greater self-knowledge. ⁠⁠If you’ve struggled to feel comfortable in your own skin, grappled with your appearance as a woman, or felt inadequate in other ways - you are not alone! ⁠⁠Women have a long-standing history of self-loathing, … Continue reading Self Love

The Pill. What’s it made of?

Oral contraceptive pills are made of artificial steroids that mimic the effects of estrogen and progesterone. Some contraceptive (meaning against conception) pills only have artificial forms of progesterone in them. They are termed “mini” pills and work a little differently from those with synthetic estrogen and progesterone. ⁠⁠I mention the pill because so many of … Continue reading The Pill. What’s it made of?