Declaring God’s word through the struggle

‘Declaring God’s word through the struggle’ is freely available to listen to as a podcast, set to beautiful relaxing music or as a colourful pdf booklet to read at your leisure with carefully chosen pictures to help you visualise. You may like to listen and read at the same time!

I find that meditation on God’s word is a truly wonderful way to start each day positively, to let go of tensions, worries and stresses, to feel empowered in knowing your identity in Christ and to keep walking in hope on your journey through infertility.

Whilst going through the struggles of infertility I found various sources of affirming meditations but very few that were God inspired and that really addressed the hopelessness and hurt I was feeling while longing to have children.

So I wrote down my thoughts and emotions and searched the bible for what God has to say about me. I also looked for verses that I wanted to boldly declare in faith about healing and having children.

I started saying this collation of words over my life in a meditative way, exchanging my negative narrative with a more positive uplifting one that comes from God’s heart.

I would love to share this with you today to bless you 🙂

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