5 Grab and Go Slow carbs

There are so many options for providing a slow-release dose of carbs to give your cells – ovarian and all – a steady dose of glucose energy, insulin willing. ⁠

Here are 5 Grab and go Slow carbs to get you through:⁠

Carrots -🥕 They are a non-starchy, low GI vegetable that will not spike your blood sugar (unless you eat an insane amount!). Carrots are also a wonderful source of carotenoids. ⁠

Peas – I don’t personally like peas but frozen peas are a great staple to keep in your freezer. Quick to add to soups, stews and even smoothies. They provide fiber, FOLATE, protein and over 30% of your recommended dose of carotenoids in just one ½ cup serving! ⁠

Apples -🍏 All types, red, green, yellow. They are all good choices for “slow carbs”, not to mention fiber, vitamin C and quercetin (a natural antihistamine). Bonus point if you get organic apples!⁠

Beef Jerky – Most brands contain sugar, roughly 7 grams per serving, making this snack an unsuspecting source of carbs (and protein and fat, of course). See if you can find grass-fed!⁠

Almonds + > 85% Cacao Dark Chocolate 🍫 – Match made in heaven! Almonds provide calcium, and both snack-worthy foods provide magnesium, another important bone mineral. Keep a few plastic (BPA-free if possible) baggies pre-loaded with a few almonds and squares of the good, dark stuff :)⁠

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