NaProTechnology (Natural Procreative Technology) is a women’s health science, founded on more than 3 decades of scientific research and practice.

Consultants trained in this technology can help you to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy, not by invasive treatments such as artificial reproductive technologies but by looking for the underlying cause of your infertility, early miscarriage or other reproductive issues. They provide treatment (e.g. bio-identical hormones) or surgery (e.g. removal of endometriosis) with the aim to work cooperatively with your cycle and restore your fertility to normality.

The detailed charting of the biomarkers (as taught by me as a FertilityCare Practitioner) enables the NaProTechnology Consultant to accurately diagnose, treat and monitor the effectiveness of treatments according to your own individual cycle. Male factor infertility can also be investigated and treated *.

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Here are some useful videos for your understanding of NaProTechnology.

NaPro : a quiet revolution

This groundbreaking documentary seeks to inform women of a natural alternative to mainstream women’s healthcare. The film takes a look at this new science while contrasting it with the more widely used medical model, and the highly problematic practice of prescribing hormonal contraceptives as a treatment for a wide array of women’s health issues. 

One Couple’s Experience with NaProTechnology                                                          

(A couple discusses how they found solutions to their infertility through NaProTechnology). 

Infertility and NaProTechnology                                                  

Gavin Puthoff, MD(, discusses how NaProTechnology aids doctors in addressing underlying causes of a woman’s infertility.

New Hope for Infertility – Part 1 (the use of NaPro TECHNOLOGY for the successful treatment of infertility). 

New Hope for Infertility – Part 2 (the use of NaPro TECHNOLOGY for the successful treatment of infertility). 

*NB. Unfortunately NaProTechnology is not able to treat women with ovarian failure or bilateral fallopian tube occlusion, or men with azoospermia (zero sperm count).