Delicious Magnesium Rich Smoothie

Magnesium is so important to fertility for both men and women and yet so many of us don’t get enough in our daily diet. ⁠

It is a major stress and anxiety reducer and improves sleep. For women, it prevents spasms in the fallopian tubes, helps with egg fertilization, implantation, blood flow in the uterus and regulates hormone and blood glucose levels. For men it helps regulate blood flow to the reproductive organs as well as supporting healthy sperm and seminal fluid production. ⁠

So if you are looking for a quick, easy and yummy way to ingest some magnesium rich nutrients, then why not try this delicious smoothie recipe. ⁠

You’ll need:⁠

1 cup Almond /Oat Milk (straight from fridge)⁠

1/2 Avocado (stone and skin removed).⁠

1/2 cup Spinach⁠

1 Banana⁠

2 Tbs Raw Cacao⁠

1 tsp Chia seeds (can be used in the mix or sprinkle on top)⁠

2 tsp Honey (or maple syrup) to sweeten⁠

Blend together in a blender or mixer until smooth! ⁠

Then serve in a long glass and enjoy!!⁠

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