Delicious Magnesium Rich Smoothie

Magnesium is so important to fertility for both men and women and yet so many of us don't get enough in our daily diet. ⁠⁠It is a major stress and anxiety reducer and improves sleep. For women, it prevents spasms in the fallopian tubes, helps with egg fertilization, implantation, blood flow in the uterus and … Continue reading Delicious Magnesium Rich Smoothie

Can You Predict Ovulation?

Release of an egg (aka ovulation) 🥚 ➡️ is closely tied to changes in cervical fluid. This means that you can predict ovulation with up to 95% confidence by keeping track of your cervical fluid.⁠⁠See here to learn more about how charting your fertile signs could help you. ⁠

Five Folate Foods

My top 5 favourite foods to ensure I get lots of Folate in my diet are Broccoli, Avocado, Asparagus, Lentils/beans and Nuts/seeds. ⁠⁠Folate (Vitamin B9) is vital for cell division for a growing embryo and helps prevent neural tube defects of the brain such as anencephaly and spina bifida. It can also help improve sperm … Continue reading Five Folate Foods