When do you Ovulate?

Did you know that ovulation only occurs on day 14 in 13.5% of cycles?

Wow! This is a shocking revelation. So many of us believe this myth that day 14 is when ovulation will occur when in reality this is rarely the case.



Discovering this missing piece of the jigsaw can make a huge difference on your journey to conceive. So many couples select wrong days for intercourse when trying for a baby. Could you be trying too early or late in the cycle…?

For me, I ovulate around day 10 or 11 and I only know this from follicle tracking according to my chart and confirming rupture of the follicle.

As we get older ovulation can happen earlier. Stress can delay ovulation. Not everyone has a regular 4 week cycle so ovulation in a long cycle could be around day 20 or more.

The good news is that no matter what day you ovulate, cervical mucus can be seen in the days before ovulation.

In my learning programme I teach you what signs to look for and how to chart them so you know when you are fertile or infertile on any given day. I can also identify if there are any issues in your cycles that may be causing problems in conceiving.

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