Living with Hope

“To live without hope is to cease to live.”

I think I might make this my personal mantra! Without hope I doubt I would make it through each day.
To wake up each day longing to have your own child to hold is so hard and painful. In the early days of trying it’s a feeling that makes you smile as the hope is huge, you talk about your dreams with excitement and it feels like this reality is only just around the corner and ready for you to embrace.

A few years later (about 1000 days later!) this can really take its toll. Those around you have had their first or second baby. You face that treacherous mountain of disappointment each month. Hope seems to be dwindling, yet somehow it seeps through like a light through the cracks. .
Some years later (more than 3000 days altogether). Where is that hope?….

Oh there it is …. Wow …how is it still possible to have hope? Yet somehow it’s there. That tiny glimmer perseveres. It stays with me even on my darkest days and keeps me going. I need hope to truly live!

Knowing the infertility journey is tough I have made it my mission to help others who struggle to conceive.

Finding answers and the correct treatment for infertility brings so much hope. It certainly has for me. Having someone walk alongside you on your journey who knows your pain can also reignite some of that hope.

Do you need a little hope today?

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