How He Can Support You

When charting it really helps when your man gives his support. ⁠⁠Here are 5 Tips to Get Him Involved:⁠⁠1. Put your paper chart where he can see it or set a reminder to share your electronic chart. ⁠2. At the end of each cycle, identify your Peak Day together. ⁠3. If using a paper chart, … Continue reading How He Can Support You

Zoom Tears

I love my friends and I love their kids, and some of them are my God children so I have watched them grow up over the years and am very fond of them. Coming from a place of infertility and baby loss my friends have been a wonderful comfort to me. They don't know exactly … Continue reading Zoom Tears

Self Love

An Unexpected Benefit of Cycle Charting is that it puts you on the path to greater self-love through greater self-knowledge. ⁠⁠If you’ve struggled to feel comfortable in your own skin, grappled with your appearance as a woman, or felt inadequate in other ways - you are not alone! ⁠⁠Women have a long-standing history of self-loathing, … Continue reading Self Love