Brown Spotting – is it Normal?

Brown bleeding in your cycle can be for a variety of reasons and can be normal, for example when some old blood (brown blood) is seen at the end of menses for only a day or two or you see some implantation bleeding 6 -9 days after conception. ⁠

But it can also indicate possible health concerns that need further investigation such as low progesterone, thyroid issues, or endometriosis. ⁠

It is important therefore to chart this biomarker when you see it and monitor -is it heavy or light?, does it happen before or after your period? how many days do you see it? is it part way through the cycle? do you see it after intercourse? is there any pain or other symptoms associated with it? ⁠

Many of my clients have thankfully been able to pick up on this early on and had further tests through a NaPro Consultant who has diagnosed the issues and treated them to ensure they have a healthy and optimal cycle for conception. ⁠

For those (including myself) where the brown spotting was due to low progesterone (often seen if there is brown spotting for several days before or after menses) then this can be a miscarriage risk so it has been vital for them to get progesterone support whilst trying and once they had conceived. ⁠


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