Brown Spotting – is it Normal?

Brown bleeding in your cycle can be for a variety of reasons and can be normal, for example when some old blood (brown blood) is seen at the end of menses for only a day or two or you see some implantation bleeding 6 -9 days after conception. ⁠⁠But it can also indicate possible health … Continue reading Brown Spotting – is it Normal?

Fake Energy

Are you on a tired-and-wired, caffeine-->sugar-->crash cycle, and you know it? ⁠⁠Yep, the struggle against the temptation towards “fake energy” you get from caffeine and sugar is VERY real, and constant. The good news…Knowing it’s fake energy (like Pill periods are “fake” periods) is your first step towards reversing the caffeine-sugar crash cycle! Having more … Continue reading Fake Energy