Magic Water

Do you ever get those times when it really feels like everywhere you look you see pregnant women? 🙄⁠

The more something is on your mind the more you tend to notice them so it’s no wonder that we notice every baby bump and every pram in the street. ⁠

Though I have to say there do seem to be seasons or circumstances when there are baby booms. Like after a long cold winter, major power cuts or even after the recent covid lockdowns. ⁠

Do you remember the old saying ‘ there must be something in the water’? 💦

Oh how I sometimes wish it was that easy that we could just have a magic formula or that there would be something quite literally in our tap water that could help!! I would be drinking it all day every day!! 🍹⁠

….and if only being at home all the time and not seeing friends during a lockdown really did improve our chances of trying to conceive!!⁠

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