Learning How To Sail

Oh how there have been many storms in my life so far, infertility and baby loss can certainly throw violent storms in life’s pathway. ⁠

With life does come so many uncertainties and so there are bound to be some storms ahead and yet one thing I do know is that through these storms I am learning how to respond, I am no longer feeling ship wrecked or being simply tossed in the waves. I am becoming stronger each time, I am learning how to sail my ship. ⁠

Whatever storms do come I know there is hope and a wonderful future. I stand firm in my faith with God, I remain strong in my marriage and I know where to find loving support from good friends and family. ⁠

The mind itself can bring a storm of depression and anxiety and I find these can be the hardest times to get through but again having the right resources and support is so important and can make the difference between keeping your head above the water and drowning. ⁠

Are you being tossed by the waves and fearful of storms? or are you able to stand firm and steer your ship on course? ⁠

Let me know how you cope when the waves come your way..⁠

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