Love making or baby making?

In those early days baby making sex seemed fun… it was exciting, it made you feel free… it was love making with the added hope and anticipation of creating a new life!⁠

After maybe 5 or 6 months it was still fun and loving but before we knew it there was an element of disappointment and concern and worry that maybe this may take a while. We started to question- is there something wrong? ⁠

After some years of trying and we realised it was becoming difficult to conceive, we still loved each other during the act but it sometimes felt more sacrificial, we felt the pressure to perform, and often we had to push through when we felt so tired, mostly emotionally. Those times no longer felt like fun . We often got together as a means to make a baby because it was the ‘right’ time rather than enjoying exciting moments of spontaneity. ⁠

Struggling to conceive can really remove the romance and make what should be the most loving intimate act into more of a chore. My husband reflected on how he felt during some of those months. He said he sometimes felt as if he was a vending machine. ⁠

Have you ever felt like this? has love making turned into just baby making? ⁠

In the learning programme, there is a huge emphasis on your relationship alongside learning about fertility. ⁠

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