Love making or baby making?

In those early days baby making sex seemed fun... it was exciting, it made you feel free... it was love making with the added hope and anticipation of creating a new life!⁠⁠After maybe 5 or 6 months it was still fun and loving but before we knew it there was an element of disappointment and … Continue reading Love making or baby making?

Parenthood: the Epitome of Sacrificial Love

Parenthood is the epitome of sacrificial love, the love that gets us out of our tendency to be only concerned with our own needs and wants. ⁠⁠It is so easy to put all your efforts into trying to GET a baby that you can become overconsumed with that and forget what you will need to … Continue reading Parenthood: the Epitome of Sacrificial Love

The Pill. What’s it made of?

Oral contraceptive pills are made of artificial steroids that mimic the effects of estrogen and progesterone. Some contraceptive (meaning against conception) pills only have artificial forms of progesterone in them. They are termed “mini” pills and work a little differently from those with synthetic estrogen and progesterone. ⁠⁠I mention the pill because so many of … Continue reading The Pill. What’s it made of?