You are NOT alone

Firstly I wanted to show you the face behind ‘Naturally Conceive’ (yes this is me- Amanda Adebisi!) and secondly ….please know;⁠


If you are dealing with infertility whether it be primary or secondary…or if you are suffering baby losses..⁠

I see you, I hear you.. and I know the pain..⁠

Of course everyone’s experience is different so I might not understand everything you feel but I come from a similar place and want you to know I am here for you. ⁠

I bring back hope to couples, help them get answers to their unexplained diagnosis, journey with them when often they have no-one else. I do this not from a place of ‘I’ve now got 5 kids so it all worked out fine for me’ but a place of knowing the daily struggles as I am still there climbing that mountain.⁠

This is me – four years of primary infertility, then 3 embryos lost through IVF, then finally getting pregnant naturally (through the system I teach) but loss of twin girls at 24 weeks. Then add another 4 years of trying to conceive after loss but a pathway of hope and finding out and now treating the reasons why we can’t conceive….(you might want to read more here for the longer version)⁠

So in truth I do have 5 kids but they are sadly not in my arms. ⁠

I know this journey you find yourself on can feel like such a lonely one. I have often felt so lonely and like no-one understands. But please know you are not alone in this. ⁠

Please contact me if you would like to chat and see how I can help you. ⁠

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