The Pill. What’s it made of?

Oral contraceptive pills are made of artificial steroids that mimic the effects of estrogen and progesterone. Some contraceptive (meaning against conception) pills only have artificial forms of progesterone in them. They are termed “mini” pills and work a little differently from those with synthetic estrogen and progesterone. ⁠

I mention the pill because so many of us use the pill to prevent pregnancy in earlier life but then later struggle to conceive when coming off it and wonder why. ⁠

There is so much here to say about the pill (some of which I will leave for another time) but for now I just want to create a little awareness that the pill is not made of real hormones, there are massive long term side effects that you may be at risk of (including cancer) and not only does it pump unnatural substances round our bodies each and every month we take it, but it shuts down our reproductive system completely. The break through bleed is therefore not even a true menstruation. ⁠

No wonder our bodies don’t know how to work when we then allow ourselves a real cycle with real hormones and expect our bodies to just get on with it and conceive naturally for us!!⁠

I personally wish now that I hadn’t used the pill for the 3 years I did when first married. The Creighton Model System I teach to help couples know their fertile and infertile days to achieve pregnancy is also very successful to avoid it without any health risks or side effects!⁠

Share this with someone today who you know may need this revelation. ⁠

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