Choline…why do we need it?

Folate, or its synthetic form, folic acid, is a well-known nutrient in prenatal vitamins that all women who are trying to conceive should be taking. ⁠

Choline is necessary in prenatal supplements for the SAME reason folate is – prevention of neural tube defects. ⁠
⁠So how do you get choline in your diet?⁠

Well, eggs are a leading source of choline, and cheap and easy to boot. 🥚⁠

Liver and other organ meats, fatty fish like salmon (yay! Omega-3 and choline), lamb and other game meats, pork rinds, and…wait for it… bacon. 🥓Oh. yes! This looks gourmet and chic. Poached egg and bacon with greens and peas. Choline + folate + satisfaction! (Source – Lily Nichols, RDN)⁠

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