Sperm Survival

When you get to recognise your fertile signs (cervical mucus) you know ovulation is on its way.

Knowing when you are fertile and selecting days of good quality and quantity of mucus can be all you need for those sperm to reach the egg.



Sperm need mucus to combat the acidic vaginal environment and to easily transport them through the cervix and to where they need to get to (fallopian tubes where the egg awaits fertilisation).

Without cervical mucus the sperm will die in a matter of hours. But with mucus they can survive around 5 days!

Now there may be other factors preventing you from getting pregnant but these are the basics that many aren’t aware of and it’s a great place to start. 😊

Through my learning programme I teach you how to observe and chart your fertile signs so you know when to select the most fertile times for intercourse.

Selecting the most fertile days alone has a high success rate of helping you to conceive (98% effective within 6 cycles of normal fertility). Couples struggling with infertility can expect a success rate of between 20% and 40% within the first year with no NaProTechnology help. With NaProTechnology help this can be up to 80% depending on a number of factors such as age and diagnosis (note that the best UK IVF success rate is for the under 35 age range at under 30%).

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