Discussing Fertility

Have you tried talking to your spouse about your fertility? I don’t just mean the journey of trying to conceive but right down to the basics of your fertile signs i.e. mucus or lack of it.

Discussing fertility together can help you grow closer. It’s a way for him to understand how your body works and any initial awkwardness in discussing cervical mucus is usually temporary, often giving way to a greater sense of closeness, intimacy and trust.

This is what fertility awareness within a committed relationship is all about.

This is intimacy to a greater level. Who knew that the marriage vows could include all this? After all you vowed to love everything about each other and that includes the wonderful design us women have. Some men cringe at the thought of talking about cervical mucus but many find it intriguing.

From there comes the chart which is data, your shared fertility data, that provides fodder for growth in your relationship. ⁠

If you haven’t started charting yet and not sure where to begin, I would be very happy to show you how. Contact me today to learn more.

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