Love and Be Loved

To be human means you were created to love and be loved. ⁠

How many people really understand what authentic human love is?

It’s not usually in soppy rom-coms, and it definitely is not what is meant when people say they love their car, shoes or pet (as much as I feel I love my hamster Teddy!).

Human beings, being infinitely more valuable than things, must never be treated like things. The complete departure, or opposite, of love happens when we are treated, or treat someone else, like a thing. The opposite of love, therefore, is use. ⁠

In love relationships, you want to grow in love.

In order to do that you need to maintain an awareness of our tendency to use the people we love to edify ourselves, indulge our own wants, our own egos, improve our own image. ⁠

In the learning programme alongside teaching you how to chart your fertile signs, I also enable space to focus on your relationship and encourage you to grow together in love through the mini homework tasks. After all it’s not just about making a baby together, love is at the heart of it. It’s not about using the other person as a means to get a result but recognizing each others feelings, who they are and their value. Making a baby from a place of love and admiration and respect for the other. It is so important on this journey to love and be loved authentically.

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