Five Folate Foods

My top 5 favourite foods to ensure I get lots of Folate in my diet are Broccoli, Avocado, Asparagus, Lentils/beans and Nuts/seeds. ⁠

Folate (Vitamin B9) is vital for cell division for a growing embryo and helps prevent neural tube defects of the brain such as anencephaly and spina bifida. It can also help improve sperm count so men should be getting lots too. ⁠

When trying for a baby it is important to follow guidance on having enough folate (400 mcg per day). In most preconception tablets (as well as fortified cereals) this comes in the form of folic acid which is a synthesized version of folate. It is fine to take but it is good to know that it is not so easy for the body to digest. So ideally you could choose supplements which have folate in them rather than folic acid. Regardless of what you choose it is definitely worth making sure you include a variety of natural folate rich foods in your diet in addition to your supplement. ⁠

I love a mashed avocado on toast, nuts or seeds as a snack when I’m on the go, steamed or boiled broccoli as my go to veg for many dishes, asparagus wrapped in bacon and grilled (yum), a warm chilli bean stew on a cold winter evening!!⁠

What folate rich foods are your favourite??⁠

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