Growing in Love: Putting Others First

To grow in love, we must be intentional with our behaviours and make intentional choices that improve our loved one’s long term well-being.⁠

When learning to chart your cycle I don’t just teach you about the chart, there is so much emphasis on you as a couple. ⁠

Infertility can really put a huge strain on a relationship and in some cases love can dwindle and it can become less about the love you share but more about wanting a child. ⁠

A child should be made from an act of love. Let’s get back to loving and enjoying the other person and putting the other person first not second. ⁠

In my programme I help you focus on your relationship and keep it at the centre. We look at how you can nurture each other and keep your love growing. We will look at every aspect of who you both are, individually and as a couple (physical, emotional, intellectual, creative/communicative and spiritual).⁠

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