After The Storm

What storm are you facing? What rainbow are you chasing? 🌈⁣
A few days ago we went for a beautiful walk around a lake in the pouring rain. ☂️ Afterwards the sun came through but though we searched we didn’t see a rainbow. Sometimes the clouds stick around a long time before the rainbow comes. ⁣



A rainbow can be a sign of a promise of wonderful times to come after a stormy journey such as infertility or baby loss. After losing a baby, the next baby is known as a rainbow baby. ⁣
I learnt recently about there being a national rainbow baby day in the US. 🌈 A day to celebrate all the rainbow babies but also to honour all the babies lost before them. ⁣
I am a just few weeks away from my babies 4th birthday in heaven 💗💗 Each day I remember them and also live in hope of my rainbow baby. 🌈⁣
Post me a heart if you are still waiting for your rainbow after the storm. 💜⁣

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