Life is to be lived forward

It’s so much easier to see the path you have come from and when looking back you really can see how things came about. You can see where your trips were, the crooked stones, your mistakes, your regrets, but also you can see the amazing triumphs, the courage and strength you had. You can also see who was with you, helping you through. These are the people to treasure.

Looking forward on the other hand when there are so many unknowns is scary. So many what ifs, worries and a path you cannot yet see. You trust it can only get better but the road ahead is often covered in mist and far from clear. You can’t live backwards you have to go forwards. ⁣Those wonderful moments will come but maybe you won’t fully see them until you look back again!

What have you come to understand on your journey so far from looking back? Are you ready to take on the next phase of your journey? Does the unknown path scare you or excite you? ⁣

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