Life is a long lesson in humility

‘Humility’ is not a word we often hear but it’s all around us and life itself is certainly a long lesson in humility. ⁠

I believe that being humble is a real sign of growth and as it says in a Proverb in the bible; ‘When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.’⁠

For me, being humble sometimes comes easy but it can at times be hard. I feel that the older I get and the more I have experienced in life I am more aware of moments that have humbled me. I am learning what and who are most important in my life. Often I am stopped in my tracks and awed by individuals around me who do something so selflessly and with such sincerity that I am reminded and challenged to be humble too. ⁠

When I teach my clients about their cycles and support those with infertility, I aspire to always listen, be serving, be always humble. ⁠

What or who in your life is teaching you humility? ⁠

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