It’s ok to Unfollow Friends

Have you found your feelings being triggered by posts on Facebook or Instagram? So often when I’m scrolling through my newsfeed I can come across some picture or news from a friend about their baby that hits me so hard in the heart. I can be having a good day but this report about their life with children just reminds me again that I am childless and this can really affect me. ⁠

It’s ok to unfollow a friend for a time. On Facebook you can still be their friend but unfollow so their news doesn’t automatically come up in your feed. You can lovingly tell them but you don’t have to. They won’t get a notification that that’s what you have done. ⁠

It is good to protect yourself if you know that these things don’t help you. If you have chance to prepare your heart and emotions and decide that actually you would like to see their baby photos you can do so out of choice and proactively go into their profile and have a browse. ⁠

Yes it sucks that it may have come to this but don’t feel bad about it. You know what your heart needs and doesn’t need right now!! ⁠

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