Post Partum Depression Risk

It may seem strange to be thinking about postpartum depression now, especially if you are trying to conceive with no success yet.

However, it is always worth being prepared for every eventuality and it is so important to consider your mental health whilst trying to get pregnant.

Studies show that having depression before getting pregnant can put you at greater risk of having postpartum depression after giving birth. ⁠

Depression can be managed through natural or pharmaceutical means. Here are some easy and natural tips to improve your brain chemistry and reduce depression risk during and even BEFORE you become pregnant: ⁠

1. Ditch the fast food and opt for balanced meals eaten at regular intervals ⁠
2. Get a daily source of omega-3 fatty acids from food or supplements ⁠
3. Get your vitamin D levels check, give them a doctor-supervised boost if they’re low – or just get out in the sun a bit more! ⁠
4. Protect your sleep – Have a regular (earlier!) bedtime and wake up at the same time every day ⁠
5. Do some yoga, or at least try a few minutes of paced breathing every day. ⁠

Also track your moods on your cycle chart. This could be life-changing data.⁠

If you would like to see whether charting is for you take a look at how I can help you.

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