Zoom Tears

I love my friends and I love their kids, and some of them are my God children so I have watched them grow up over the years and am very fond of them.

Coming from a place of infertility and baby loss my friends have been a wonderful comfort to me. They don’t know exactly what I have been through but they have been there for me through the storms. ⁠

These past months I have had wonderful times of keeping in touch with these friends over zoom or messenger when I couldn’t see them in person due to Covid 19 restrictions and distance.⁠

As much as I love our conversations, the other day I really felt like the odd one out and as I listened to stories of their teenage kids, it really hit home how time has flown and I am still here with no living children of my own.

I feel like I have been left behind. I could have had a teenager by now.

I enjoyed the updates as I really care about their lives and their children but I couldn’t help but hold back the tears as I smiled on screen. ⁠

Do you ever feel like this??⁠

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