How He Can Support You

When charting it really helps when your man gives his support. ⁠

Here are 5 Tips to Get Him Involved:⁠

1. Put your paper chart where he can see it or set a reminder to share your electronic chart. ⁠
2. At the end of each cycle, identify your Peak Day together. ⁠
3. If using a paper chart, have him chart acts of intercourse. If he can’t access your electronic chart, ask him to review it for accuracy and make sure you didn’t miss anything.⁠
4. Ask him to remind you to chart. Might be fun to have this reminder be in the form of a special physical gesture, a little note, or a code word. ⁠
5. If making changes to your wellness routine (e.g. drinking more water or taking a prenatal), invite him to make some changes with you. A “buddy system” is proven effective for helping people stick with lifestyle changes. ⁠

Let me know how it goes. Have you found anything else that helps you?

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